Human Resources and Organization Management

Human Resources Management
2016 –Psychological assessment (defining and evaluating core competences of prospect employees; in close collaboration with corporate legal departments and senior management)
2014 –Jobs description analysis and jobs transformation qualitative prediction management (defining roles, goals and core competences in order to plan employees responsibilities and development)
2015 –Motivation and employee engagement management
2015 –Educations and trainings (generic skills training; communication skill training problem-solving training)
2015 –Senior management debriefs (sales pitch setting; strategic communication and mediation; coaching – using dialectic approach to support managers in: elaborating their own ideas, goal operationalization and reducing the effect of psychological biases in decision-making)
2017 –Mental health prevention and wellbeing management
2018 –Organizational culture development and transformation
Organization Management
2016 –Mission and Vision statements definition
2014 –Goals operationalization (business objectives and KPI setting, aligning company goals with customer persona )

2021 – Government of the Republic of Croatia, Youth council, Member
 Committee for Youth Mental Health Protection, coordinator
2018 – 2020 Government of the Republic of Croatia, Youth council, Member Substitute
 Committee for Student Issues, coordinator (report)


University of Zagreb, Rectorate
2022 – Head of Office for Psychological Support, Mental Health Protection and Organizational Culture
2019 – 2022 Senior expert adviser for student counselling
2017 – 2019 Expert assistant for student counselling & career guidance representative
  • teaching, giving lectures, encouraging knowledge transfer and lifelong learning
  • project idea development and project management
  • scientific research (research design, statistics, publishing)
  • psychological counseling and career guidance
  • psychodiagnostics
  • human resources management – employee selection and on-the-fly counseling
  • networking and creating partnerships
  • conducting evaluations and writing reports
  • project management
  • human resources management
  • presentations and self-presentation skills (written and oral)
  • data analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
  • psychological measures development
  • communication skills
2016 – 2017 University of Zagreb, Rectorate, adviser for students with disabilities
  • policy analysis and implementation
  • encouraging knowledge acquisition and career development
  • conducting educations (workshops, lectures and trainings)
  • psychological counseling
  • psychodiagnostics
  • organizing meetings and other administrative work
  • employees counseling
  • managing human resources (7 student employees)
  • writing monthly and yearly reports
  • mentoring
  • promoting and encouraging diversity
  • creating equal-opportunities
  • people management
  • problem solving
2015 – 2016 Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, internship (clinical psychology)
 Mentor: Gordana Buljan Flander
  • advanced psychological testing
  • conducting clinical and forensic interviews
  • writing expert opinions
  • psychological counseling
  • planning scientific research
  • plaining and conducting best practice analysisg
  • giving lectures
  • qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • psychodiagnostics
  • clinical and forensic interviewing
  • scientific research
Pučko otvoreno učilište Petar Zrinski
2020 – Psychotherapy Propaedeutics - Biological Basis of Psychological Processes – lecturer
University of Zagreb, School of Medicine [evaluations]
2015 – Fundamentals of Medical Skills – lecturer
2016 – General medical competences – medical interns – lecturer
2016 Brain, mind and art – from neuron to communitys – invited lecture
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing [evaluations]
2015 Communication skills, undergraduate level – lecturer (lectures and seminars)
2015 – 2017 Organizational psychology, graduate level – lecturer (seminars)
University of Applied Health Sciences Zagreb [evaluations]
2018 – Health psychology – assistant (seminars)
2018 – Communication skills – assistant (seminars)
2016 – 2017 Basics of scientific research in nursing – lectures, seminars
University of Zagreb, Department for Croatian Studies
2016 – 2017 Qualitative research methods, graduate level – lecturer
2012 – 2015 Perception, undergraduate level – student/lecturer (assistant)
2013 – 2015 Qualitative research methods, graduate level – student/lecturer (assistant)
2013 – 2014 Cross–disciplinary perspectives on the analysis of culture, context & communication

Other Professional Experience

Psychological Counseling & Community Work
2020 –Motivational interview
2020 –Working with Marginalized Groups
2020 –Community Psychosocial Support
2018 –Competent Parenting
Clinical Psychology
2019 –Developmental Psychopathology
2019 –Forensic Interview

Additional Trainings

Croatian Behavioral Cognitive Therapies Association (HUBIKOT), Zagreb
2019 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Education (CBT, Practicum 2)
2018 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Education (CBT, Practicum 1)
2017 –Croatian Psychological Chamber, licensed psychologists
Qualification exam field:clinical psychology
2018Student career guidance and assessment, Agency for Science and Higher Education (Croatia)
2017Refugees Integration vs. Discrimination
Bulgarian Youth Forum (Erasmus+, Youth Pass)
2017Working with Parental Alienation Training – Developing Interventions
2016Working with Parental Alienation Training – Understading, Differention, Intervetion
Family Separation Clinic, London (UK)
Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb
2016Advanced Forensic Interviewing Training
National Children's Advocacy Center, Huntsville, AL (USA)
Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb
2016WZT (Wartegg drawing completion test) – Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Center, Zagreb
2015BG II Bender Visual - Motor Gestalt Test - Naklada slap
MMPI–2 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory - Naklada slap
WISC–IV Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Naklada slap
2015Strengthening capacities for evaluating risk and managing safety to protect women and children victims of violence
WAVE (Woman Against Violence)
Autonomna ženska kuća Zagreb
2013Safe place
Women's Room
S.O.S. phone – help line (Virovitica)
Women's Centre Adela (Sisak)
Center for Support and Development of Civil Society “Delfin” (Pakrac)
2015Mens Sana
Psychological Treatments, Biofeedback & Psychosomatics Clinic